The key to my current blog journey is excerpts of my journal. They may be my most contemplative, deep writing; as they’re done at nighttime.

I don’t know what it is about nighttime… maybe that’s when my bat powers kick in.

-Emma’s Journal

This is Graceful Authenticity.

My name is Emma Haglund, and I’m an aspiring teen writer from the Pacific Northwest who has learned a thing or two about God’s faithfulness over the years. Welcome to my website!

My blog posts consist of short musings on the world, the Bible, or life in general in a new post at least once a month. My writing contains excerpts from both my prayer journals and the Bible.

You can check out my current projects in the Current Projects section.

I hope that, with God’s help, my writing and story could be a blessing to others!

For a bit of direction as far as where to start, I suggest that you start with my testimony. If you want more after that, the Archives are a wonderful place to start! They list all of my posts by the month they were posted.

Happy Reading!

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