Keep on [Growing] with Hopeful Faithfulness

This month has been different for me. I finished out my summer job and have entered a strange season of having very little to do… and even less drive to do much even if I did. But that doesn’t mean the Lord hasn’t been teaching me through this. Through the ups and downs, the newContinue reading “Keep on [Growing] with Hopeful Faithfulness”

Run Towards the Fight – It starts with YOU

We are a culture of non-confrontational people. We may think we like to meet conflict head on. But really, any pursuits of reform or change we participate in tend to be impersonal. We don’t like to risk change. We tremble when we think of risking our fragile, breakable ideals of self-worth with the truth. WeContinue reading “Run Towards the Fight – It starts with YOU”

“Step Off the Edge” – Choosing Courage Over Doubt

Friends, May, for me, encompassed new experiences that stretched beyond my wildest dreams. From the incredible opportunity to attend Northwest Christian Writer’s Renewal Conference as the only student among numerous adults to planning my future to starting to drive places on my own, the Lord has shown the importance of this month’s theme in myContinue reading ““Step Off the Edge” – Choosing Courage Over Doubt”