Current Project(s)

“The Valley of Shattered Glass”

Genre: YA Fantasy
Word Count: 91,000
Status: Completed manuscript, seeking publication

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Teenage orphan Delaney Marshall knows what it means to be strong. Stay alone. Protect your siblings. Tears are only weakness. But when she is transported by a song from the dark alley she lives into a fantasy world of her mother’s youth, those ‘truths’ she believes turn upside down.

She and four other New York teens from different walks of life take up the charge of saving the fragile creatures of the mystical land from both a tyrannical king and a lethal darkness, and in the process, grow friendships to last a lifetime.

As their journey continues, they are each forced to question whether being strong in the face of adversity means something different than they’ve been taught. Can trust be restored? Can vulnerability bring healing… rather than more hurt? Is there more to thriving than simply surviving?

Follow Delaney and the others as they embark on an adventurous journey from darkness into light… and as hope comes from the place that nobody anticipated.

“In the Blink of an Eye”

Genre: YA Fantasy
Word Count: TBD
Status: Planning/First draft

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Elvira Holcomb’s life was perfect. Private high school, great friends, cute and golden-hearted boyfriend, incredible family, good economic status… she was living the dream. At least, until her mysterious and vengeful Aunt Maia visited.

Elvira’s perfect life turns upside down when she begins to skip short, unpredictable amounts of time into the future sporadically when she blinks. In her confusion, she discovers that the only way to get rid of this phenomenon is to outlast a painful rite of suffering called “The Passage”.

Will Elvira be able to face obstacles she has never had to before? Will they break her… or help her become exactly the person she was always supposed to be? Will she be able to make peace with herself, or will The Blink doom her to live in a cushioned bubble of seclusion?

An intriguing exploration of time, “In the Blink of an Eye” examines family, friendship and life as we know it to ask the question: How can one live life to the fullest? Follow Elvira as she grows to understand her world in a newer, greater way; and learns to walk the path towards wholeness along the way.

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