Continue on the Winding Path

November has been a weird, yet amazingly exhilarating month for me. I didn’t pick my theme until about a week into the month, which, if anything, enhances the sense of truth to it. From a church retreat to the major whirlwind of embarking on the NaNoWriMo challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month, it’sContinue reading “Continue on the Winding Path”

October – Believe and Abide in Truth

This world is full of contradicting viewpoints. Warring perspectives. Noise. And it often feels like its hard to breath in the midst of this chaos. My theme this month, my goal, was to try and gorw in discerning the truth; breathing the truth, living the truth, believing and abiding in the truth. And as always,Continue reading “October – Believe and Abide in Truth”

“Enjoy Your Life” – September

This September was rather uneventful for me. Since this school year I began attending my local community college as a Running Start student, my school year didn’t begin until the end of the month… and as such, I had little to do until then. But the Lord still taught me important truths, as He alwaysContinue reading ““Enjoy Your Life” – September”

Keep on [Growing] with Hopeful Faithfulness

This month has been different for me. I finished out my summer job and have entered a strange season of having very little to do… and even less drive to do much even if I did. But that doesn’t mean the Lord hasn’t been teaching me through this. Through the ups and downs, the newContinue reading “Keep on [Growing] with Hopeful Faithfulness”