Abram–Fear, Sin and Desire

Here’s an excerpt from my journal to introduce what Abram’s story tells us about sin. “[1/4/2020] …Abram was afraid in Egypt, so he told Sarai to lie. He was afraid they would take her if he was known as her husband. He was afraid that they would kill him. So he sinned. His sin justContinue reading “Abram–Fear, Sin and Desire”


Real Unity & Communication vs. Connection–The Tower of Babel

Unity. Mentioned so many times in the Bible, but not often as it was in the account of The Tower of Babel. This world sometimes thinks of unity as something that comes from similarity, but it really shouldn’t be. Connection isn’t unity, but communication is needed to forge unity. Here’s how connection, unity and similarityContinue reading “Real Unity & Communication vs. Connection–The Tower of Babel”

The Ark–The Promise of Tomorrow

The Ark. The story representing how God’s plan always triumphs, bringing abounding joy and brightly shining His glory. Now, I’ll start this off with a longer excerpt from my journal. Inspired by Genesis 6-9 “[1/3/2020] Dear God, You could see how Noah was righteous… You could see even when those around him thought he wasContinue reading “The Ark–The Promise of Tomorrow”

Trusting in the Midst of the Unknowns–What Cain Teaches about Faith

I’ll start off this article on the story of Cain with a short excerpt from my journal. Notice I didn’t say, of Cain and Abel… I’ll be focusing on Cain and what he teaches us about faith. “[1/2/2020] Dear God, Cain did not understand why You didn’t accept [his offering], so he gave in toContinue reading “Trusting in the Midst of the Unknowns–What Cain Teaches about Faith”