Grace in the Little-Big Moments

Am I living? I look up into the sky. Should I be doing something right now? I notice the flowers, hues of yellow and purple. I touch them; they’re soft and light as air. I thank God for water ripples and pansies. Life is made up of moments such as these. Small ones, not bigContinue reading “Grace in the Little-Big Moments”


Operation “Find the Beauty”

At the beginning of this year, on January 1st, I decided that I will pick a theme each month to try and grow in. January’s theme was to “Find the Beauty” in life. Here’s what I learned. From my journal:1/1: “There’s beauty everywhere in this wonderful world. Help me find it, Creator. Thank you forContinue reading “Operation “Find the Beauty””

The Importance of YOUR Perspective

Have you ever read a book, seen a show, or watched a movie and been introduced to a character of which you thought, “Oh, I get that”? I know I have. Whether it is because you simply look like the character, or because their life-story/backstory is similar to yours – when a character relates toContinue reading “The Importance of YOUR Perspective”

Patience in Quarantine

On New Year’s Day, my parents tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, our symptoms weren’t horrible – and we plan to be out and about again by the weekend. But, even so, my whole family has had to cancel everything on our schedules and quarantine together for a week and a half. Whoopee. Before my parentsContinue reading “Patience in Quarantine”