Burn the Ships – Jehoshaphat

Burn the Ships by For King and Country is an incredibly popular song that was published in 2018. The song’s message is all about casting off the broken parts of ourselves that hold us down and leaving them behind forever so we can explore new lands and discover new horizons. The chorus goes like this:Continue reading “Burn the Ships – Jehoshaphat”


Young Christians… You Have the Mind of Christ

From my journal:“1 Corinthians 2. I am floored by how great You are… How kind You are. No human alive has imagined what You have in store for Your children. How amazing is that? I am also empowered and encouraged. Your Spirit is what enables to me to have a godly perspective. It is YourContinue reading “Young Christians… You Have the Mind of Christ”

6 Attitudes/Mindsets to Put On When Loving People

The idea of “Memory Lane” is appealing. It projects an image in our mind’s-eye of a road winding down a twisty, turning path that, though dark in places, is ultimately beautiful as a whole. My family knows that I love taking trips down memory lane – whether it be through rifling in my keepsake boxesContinue reading “6 Attitudes/Mindsets to Put On When Loving People”

Pride, Perspective and People – Journal Thoughts

Hello readers! Today I want to share with you all a couple of excerpts/entries from my journal relating to pride, people, and their relations to our works and how we live our lives with God at the center. Pride has always been a struggle for me – from thinking more highly of myself than IContinue reading “Pride, Perspective and People – Journal Thoughts”

Four Types of People – and Relationship With Them

I feel like I played ‘Customer Service’ last weekend. I had three or four people that I talked with continually via text, and on top of that, we had family from out-of-state visiting – and so we were trying to spend time with them – and on top of that, big things were going downContinue reading “Four Types of People – and Relationship With Them”