Patience, Contentment and Humility – February

Hello, friends! Time for my second monthly theme post (even if I am a little late)! My theme for February was, “Rest in Patience and Contentment”. To see my other monthly theme posts, click here. I read through the journal entries I wrote this month, and after some editing, condensing, and highlighting of key words/phrases,Continue reading “Patience, Contentment and Humility – February”


Operation “Find the Beauty”

At the beginning of this year, on January 1st, I decided that I will pick a theme each month to try and grow in. January’s theme was to “Find the Beauty” in life. Here’s what I learned. From my journal:1/1: “There’s beauty everywhere in this wonderful world. Help me find it, Creator. Thank you forContinue reading “Operation “Find the Beauty””

Esther – Journal Thoughts

I ask this: “Why should I fear anything, if Esther didn’t fear death?” Esther is one of the Bible’s greatest examples of a woman with courage. She stood firm, even when her life was at stake, to protect her people. Resilience and bravery marked her life, through and through. I read through her story aContinue reading “Esther – Journal Thoughts”

Young Christians… You Have the Mind of Christ

From my journal:“1 Corinthians 2. I am floored by how great You are… How kind You are. No human alive has imagined what You have in store for Your children. How amazing is that? I am also empowered and encouraged. Your Spirit is what enables to me to have a godly perspective. It is YourContinue reading “Young Christians… You Have the Mind of Christ”

Pride, Perspective and People – Journal Thoughts

Hello readers! Today I want to share with you all a couple of excerpts/entries from my journal relating to pride, people, and their relations to our works and how we live our lives with God at the center. Pride has always been a struggle for me – from thinking more highly of myself than IContinue reading “Pride, Perspective and People – Journal Thoughts”