Spotlight: “Anne with an E”

A Christian Perspective on the Controversial Show Many were appalled when Netflix stepped out with the series Anne with an E – an adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s book Anne of Green Gables. This was especially true within Christian circles. They saw the series as dark, too dark, and missing the charm and positivity of previousContinue reading “Spotlight: “Anne with an E””


My first experience with grief.

Last month I had my first close experience with grief. Grief is a natural part of life, and most everyone goes through some form of it at some point. It is often dramatized on TV or in movies. However, in truth and honesty, it is far from glamorous. Now, I didn’t lose anyone who I,Continue reading “My first experience with grief.”

Spotlight: “He Walks Among Us”

A few days ago, I finished reading through “He Walks Among Us: Encounters with Christ in a Broken World” by Richard and ReneĆ© Stearns. This book, written in a devotional format, chronicles stories and experiences of people the Stearns encountered during their work with World Vision International. I found this book incredibly inspiring. It takesContinue reading “Spotlight: “He Walks Among Us””

The Importance of YOUR Perspective

Have you ever read a book, seen a show, or watched a movie and been introduced to a character of which you thought, “Oh, I get that”? I know I have. Whether it is because you simply look like the character, or because their life-story/backstory is similar to yours – when a character relates toContinue reading “The Importance of YOUR Perspective”

Patience in Quarantine

On New Year’s Day, my parents tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, our symptoms weren’t horrible – and we plan to be out and about again by the weekend. But, even so, my whole family has had to cancel everything on our schedules and quarantine together for a week and a half. Whoopee. Before my parentsContinue reading “Patience in Quarantine”