Spotlight: “Anne with an E”

A Christian Perspective on the Controversial Show Many were appalled when Netflix stepped out with the series Anne with an E – an adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s book Anne of Green Gables. This was especially true within Christian circles. They saw the series as dark, too dark, and missing the charm and positivity of previousContinue reading “Spotlight: “Anne with an E””


My (Updated) Testimony

In 2001, my older sister came home from Guatemala. In 2003, my older brother – her biological brother – followed suit. My parents didn’t know that he had autism and down syndrome. That wouldn’t be discovered for another few years. Closer to the time I was born, in April 2006. Because of my brother’s specialContinue reading “My (Updated) Testimony”

Spotlight: “He Walks Among Us”

A few days ago, I finished reading through “He Walks Among Us: Encounters with Christ in a Broken World” by Richard and Reneé Stearns. This book, written in a devotional format, chronicles stories and experiences of people the Stearns encountered during their work with World Vision International. I found this book incredibly inspiring. It takesContinue reading “Spotlight: “He Walks Among Us””

Spotlight: “Rachel’s Tears”

Rachel’s Tears I finished reading the book Rachel’s Tears by Beth Nimmo, Darrell Scott and Steve Rabey a few days ago and was flabbergasted over how relevant it still is today. “So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord,Continue reading “Spotlight: “Rachel’s Tears””

The Process of Lamenting

Hey y’all! My missions group and I went to Jackson, Mississippi last week on a domestic encounter trip – or in other words, a stateside, short-term missions trip. While serving there, we got to walk alongside and encourage people in a number of different ways. We did manual labor, and relational ministry. At times weContinue reading “The Process of Lamenting”